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New Song and Video Alert!!

The video for this song was directed, filmed and edited by David Braff of Eleven203 Productions out of Flatbush, Brooklyn...

ENCHANTÉ! by Tah Phrum Duh Bush (Produced by Vax 1of Lyon, France)

My Aberrations and Quirks....
Being out on tour has been absolutely amazing and exhausting at the same time. Wonderful things have come as a result of my travels, this in one of them.
Enchanté! is an international collaboration with talented emcee and producer Vax1 from Lyon, France who is responsible for all music production.
The song is featured on Vax1’s upcoming album "DANS MES VEINES"  (Translates to "From My Veins") ****AVAILABLE NOW!!!****

I was at a point where I had been hearing so many people tell me how hard it was to actually connect with people in person. I told them that they were full of shit and that you had to put a little bit of effort into breaking the ice. I wrote this song in an effort to encourage people to break through the barriers of being afraid to meet and interact with people. In these times of computers and Internet, we are able to VIRTUALLY meet more people than ever but most are still shy to meet other people in person. I think human beings need to focus more on being together, really together. Not just in theory.

Besides all that positive stuff, I really wanted to make a song that was lyrical, had a great flow, a catchy hook that people can relate to without being corny. 

I have traveled all over the world with my music and met random people and wonderful things have occurred as a result of me not being afraid to introduce myself. Don't let life pass you by dammit!

Walk up to someone and say "Hey, Enchanté!"

Footage from Cross Club in Prague

This was just a sample of the energy of the night at my last show in Prague for my European Winter 2013 Tour... More pics and clips to come!

This is the studio recorded version of


Download it free if ya dig it!


Read the whole story on the Blog page!

Thanks to everyonw who came out Tah's first concert in the Bronx in over 2 years! It was a Blast! Check out the Pics on the Blog Page

Take a listen to Tah's Latest European Collaboration!


Download it free if ya dig it!


Read the whole story on the Blog page!

Tah's people are all Aberrations and Quirks...

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...then watch the trailer for Luminous Dark Alleys and the video for

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Tah was featured on Dollar Van Demos.

Still representing Flatbush Brooklyn to the fullest! It never gets old. Download the song "Phlatbush" absolutely free at

After the Leecez radio show at Brooklyn College this freestyle was filmed on one of Samsung's HD cameras.Thanks to Joe Revitte and Dollar Van Demos it was featured on the Samsung Imaging website.

TahTube Throwbacks

Tah was interviewed by Adam Bernard in regard to upcoming projects and Sesame Street shack ups.



This commercial  is from 2007 when Tah's album "Sunshine Or Pure Shade" went "Aluminum"

...and this is footage from the actual concert at Pianos in NYC...



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